Sakura Mirai Co., Ltd

About Us



Sakura Mirai is the Japanese distributor of cosmetics brands and genuine functional foods, famous from Drugstore to high-end, to help women look beautiful and healthy from inside to outside.

With the mission to bring the best quality from brands as well as introduce the line of intensive skin care products, diverse, suitable for needs such as skin cleansing, skin protection, skin care, makeup, or other types of pills that replenish nutrients from inside …

Sakura Mirai builds customers’ trust by the study, research as well as consulting the right products to customers, from basic care to in-depth, most suitable for each skin, characterized consulate territory, climate, until the solution ideal skin care and efficiency.


Another strong point that Sakura Mirai confidently assert, that before bringing products to customers, we have censorship, filtering out the genuine brand, has origins clear, in particular, minimize chemicals irritate the skin, always prioritize the products is extracted from the components benign in nature, such as pure aloe, mind, of course, honey, sake, green tea, vitamin CE, olive oil, … It is the brand products have been registered patent protection, the dermatologist recommended.

Our company would like to help any women have the opportunity to own skin with the beauty of pure, radiant, extremely natural as the girls in the country of cherry blossoms.

If you love Japan, and you can feel the subtleties of human life, Japanese culture, come to Sakura Mirai to be shine, brighter more every day, companion with you on the way to conquer the pure beauty and long ever after.

Achievements Acquired

Most products distributed by us are from famous Japan manufacturers and contain extracts with the latest green science to set a new standard for organic skincare and cosmetics.

Management board

The active people behind the company make up our success

Our Partners

Our reliable partners and manufacturers in Japan

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